Wednesday, October 11, 2006

US Military Meets Enlistment & Re-Enlistment Goals

See Wall Street Journal October 11, 2006 Editorial “Enlistment Success Story

Did you hear about the success the US military, including the ARMY, has had filling their ranks? The press seems to only want to publicize difficulties. Not to be helpful, but apparently wishing for our defeat. The worst fear of liberals and the press is the United States winning in Iraq, as that would be a Bush victory. They root for a US defeat in Iraq so it will be a defeat for Bush and lead to greater political power for liberals.

The editorial included:
■ “in fiscal 2006 the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines all met or exceeded active-duty recruitment goals”.

■ “More impressive, the number of active duty servicemen who re-enlisted exceeded the DoD's goals in every area. Looks like many troops believe in the mission enough to willingly return to a difficult battlefield.”

■ “Many of those young people, despite the luxury of choice, have decided to ship off to boot camp and join the world's finest all-volunteer military force. It'd be nice if a few more politicians and pundits respected their decision.”


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