Sunday, April 15, 2007

How to Defeat Suicide Bombers – Do Like Morocco

What you need is good intelligence and kill the bombers before they kill others. See April 15, 2007 New York Times Associated Press article “Suicide Bomber Brothers Attack in Casablanca”. The attack was about as best our allies could expect, at least three terrorists dead while ”wounding a woman”.

The key sentence from the article: “blew themselves up in Casablanca on Tuesday after being cornered by police. A police sniper shot and killed a fourth man who the authorities said appeared to be preparing to detonate a bomb.” How were the police able to corner the suicide bombers? The articlcle doesn’t say, but it would likely be the result of a tip, the police having a spy inside the organization that is the result of intelligence.

In Iraq, General David Petraeus surge anti-insurgency strategy is to have a presence among the those living in Baghdad providing security with the goal of getting tips and intelligence. Let us all root for our side prevailing with General Petraeus’s plan working and achieving victory over our enemies.

From the article:
■ “Morocco and Algeria ..have allied themselves with the United States in its fight against terrorism”
■ “the police arrested another three people — including one wearing an explosives belt”
■ “The attacks came just days after three people suspected of being militants blew themselves up as they were cornered by the police in Casablanca, and Al Qaeda claimed responsibility for suicide car bombings in neighboring Algeria that killed 33 people.”
■ “hideouts where explosive devices were put together also had been uncovered, along with the identities of the members of the group now being sought”


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