Monday, April 23, 2007

View The Great Global Warming Swindle - Produced by the BBC

After you see former Vice President Albert Gore Jr.'s "An Inconvenient Truth", how about viewing The Great Global Warming Swindle,
See link below
Produced by the BBC, and aired on Channel 4 in the UK in early
March, Click here:

"The film does not dispute that the Earth is warming up, but takes the
position that this is nothing unusual. It also presents a credible
scientific analysis, by numerous credible scientists, which concludes
that there is no connection between this global warming and CO2
emissions from humanity in the civilized world. The pivotal point of their
analysis, as well as Gore’s, deals with the findings that were derived
from digging deep holes in the Arctic ice cap. These findings show, over
a 600,000 year time span, that there is a correlation between the
fluctuations in the Earth’s temperature and the levels of CO2 in the
atmosphere. Both sides are in agreement up to this point.

Gore’s scientists then conclude that this correlation must mean that the
levels of CO2 are the cause of the temperature fluctuations. This is
where the scientists in the BBC documentary say he misses the boat.
First of all, the fact that there is a correlation in this, or any, scientific
data does not mean there is causation. There might be, but not
necessarily. More proof is needed. Secondly, they claim Gore errs in
not looking more closely at this data, and other data. A closer
examination of these fluctuations shows that there is a time lag of a few
hundred years between the rises in the temperature and the CO2, with
the CO2 always lagging behind. Therefore, it is more reasonable to
conclude that the temperature fluctuations are actually the cause of the
CO2 fluctuations, just the opposite of the orthodox, Gore theory." by Jack Allis


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